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Formed and incorporated in 1995, MRDC welcomes new members, both experienced riders and those just starting out.​  Both the club Secretary and Rally Coordinator hold current Victorian WWWC.


Fees are payable by October 31st for the calendar year commencing November 1st and include the HRCAV levy, HRCAV insurance and Club Fee.  Non riding memberships are also available.


Macedon Ranges Dressage Club is a club which is incorporated with both the HRCAV and Equestrian Victoria.  For many years, we have been sourcing our club insurance through HRCAV and this has required all MRDC members to be members of HRCAV. This arrangement has provided the most cost effective insurance and best cover for our members to date. However there have recently been significant increases in HRCAV insurance premiums. There are also many of our members who have personal riding insurance through their membership with EA and have no need to double up with another insurance through HRCAV.


The committee has considered this situation and decided to change the arrangement for our club insurance and membership. It was decided that the club insurance would fall under the umbrella of EA and that members can choose to be financial members of either HRCAV or EA. Membership of either organisation will provide them with personal insurance for their equestrian activities. Of course members can still take out membership from both organisations should they wish to do so e.g. if they want to compete in both EA and HRCAV competitions. Club members can still get their HRCAV membership through MRDC but must obtain EA membership through Equestrian Victoria.


Another recent decision by the committee was to reintroduce an online membership system. This time we have decided to go with Event Secretary, a local, family run business who you may already be familiar with through their management of equestrian competitions.


The fee structure for the 2023-2024 year is as follows:

  • Club and HRCAV membership $180

  • Junior-$100

  • Club member $80 (Must be a current financial member of EA)

  • Associate member $80 (Must be a current financial member of another HRCAV club)

  • Non-riding member $40


Note: If you select ‘Club member’ you must be a current financial member of EA and must maintain that membership for the entire MRDC Club year November 1 to October 31. Failure to maintain this membership means that you cannot participate in club rallies and you automatically become a non-riding member.


Please follow the link to our Event Secretary club membership page to complete renewal for 2022-2023. If you are planning on competing in HRCAV events, please allow 2 days for your renewal to be processed before your cards can be signed and stamped.

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