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Secretary:                 Lee Towell :-  

(Holder of Vic WWWC)                               0403 449 233

President:                Joan O'Reilly :- 

(Holder of Vic WWWC)                               0429 443 331


Vice President:         Fiona Cooper :-

(Holder of Vic WWWC)                               0407 430 080


Treasurer:                 Annie Gray :-


Rally Coordinator:    Jen Peck     

(Holder of Vic WWWC) 

Minutes Secretary:   Evelyn Fletcher :-


Public Officer:           Lee Towell :- 

Leader Board:          Sue Van Eyle :-

Child Safety Officer/

Team Co-ordinator:  Annie Gray :-

EA Competition

Secretary:                Joan O'Reilly :-

HRCAV Competition

Secretary:                Tash Dillon :-

General Committee:

Evelyn Fletcher:

Lee Howells:

Jen Peck:

Sue Van Eyle:

Ric Howells:

Tash Dillon:

Rhonda Thomson:

Carrin Romais:


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