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Safeguarding children and young people - WWWC 


The HRCAV has encouraged Clubs to highlight rules and procedures to reduce risk.  All members are asked to act responsibly and in particular, 

  • Ensure that your gear is in safe condition, fits the horse and is suitable for the planned activity;

  • Be appropriately attired, including wearing approved safety helmets and riding boots at all times times whilst mounted. Boots are to be smooth soled and heeled.

  • Respect and keep a safe distance from other horses;

  • Be aware of and show consideration towards members who may not be confident and/or have inexperienced horses; and

  • Stallion owners - Stallion ID kits must be used at all times during Club rallies and the horse must not be moved around the venue without a bit. Stallions must be securely double tied or kept in a float, horse truck, stable or steel yard when not being ridden.

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